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You. Are. A. Startup.

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Dear recent grad... 
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The talent market has changed dramatically in the past decade, but career advice has not changed along with it. Today success is marked by outcomes, not tenure. Growth is achieved through movement between companies, not longevity with one. This talent market is just as liquid as any other market, which means your dad's career advice just might not apply. 

You are a product and a service. Your next employer is a customer with a specific need. You are a startup. This is a blog for the modern young professional who is learning how to think, plan and grow in a rapidly changing landscape.

As a millennial who left undergrad with six figures of student debt and found success and growth in a career he loves, and an experienced tech recruiter with a wealth of insider tips and advice - Taylor's perspective is one you don't want to miss. Subscribe to change how you think about your career and set yourself up for success.

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Struggle well.

"The satisfaction of success doesn't come from achieving your goals, but from struggling well."

Ray Dalio

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Speaking & Coaching 

Taylor makes time for speaking and coaching engagements whenever he can add value whether at an HR/People Operations conference, in a lecture hall full of soon-to-be grads, or 1:1 career advice. Click the link below to learn more.

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