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Speaking & Coaching

As a public speaker, Taylor aims to deliver education, inspiration and entertainment to a variety of audiences. He strives to make every event a memorable experience, placing a large emphasis on straying from the norm by delivering a new perspective as well as actionable insights. As an experienced builder and People & Talent leader, Taylor focuses on the core ideas behind a talent-centric approach to scaling. It's about the foundational philosophy that unlocks a principles-first approach to hiring and org development. 


As a millennial who entered the work force under a mountain of student debt and found success and growth in a career he loves, Taylor's words tend to resonate with a young professional audience. With the added value of his insider experience on the hiring side of the Tech Industry over the years, his career design & strategy talks have been a big hit among business/entrepreneurship students and recent grads.

As a queer, mixed-race man in the workplace, his lived experience informs his views on DEI work in tech. With experience launching and leading a DEI initiative in a global rapid growth setting, and achieving real results in diversity through recruiting as a partner to the business, his bold ideas around Diversity and Talent Acquisition have not failed to leave his audience thinking. 

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Areas of Focus

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People & Talent

A founder is the first recruiter

A strong Talent function has immeasurable impact on the future of a growing business. TA should be seen as an extension of leadership, not a service function. Taylor puts Talent Density front and center over all other traditional metrics. He also speaks on the value of quality over quantity in recruiting, and how to deliver a hyper-human recruiting experience for better business outcomes.

Diversity & Inclusion

Intention leads to meaningful change

Today we all accept the importance of DEI to a business, yet across industries the subject is shrouded by inaction. Taylor speaks on the importance of pulling DEI out of the recruiting function and creating a sense of shared priority across the business as a whole. How can we build a culture of seeking and celebrating difference?


Career Design & Strategy

Think and plan like a startup

Today the talent market is just as liquid as any other market. Longevity is punished, and movement is rewarded. A healthy modern employment relationship is marked by outcomes rather than tenure. Every professional must see themselves as a business, their work as a service. You Are a Startup. Taylor enjoys speaking for student and young professional audiences on early career strategy.

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